Your Book’s Best Presentation: PubML

The Blue MonkMany authors dream of including audio, video, interactive maps and more in their digital books. Alas, even color photos aren’t supported by all eReaders.

Twenty years into the internet age, how come books don’t live on the web?

Thanks to PubML, today they do.

And it’s going to change digital publishing forever for those of us who love books.

PubML is the brain child of Dave Bricker, book designer, author, sailor, and gypsy jazz guitarist (you can see why Dave and I are friends.) He describes it as “The organic foods section in the industrial publishing supermarket.”

Using the latest stable web technology, you can create full multimedia books which can be viewed in the web browser everyone with a computer already has. They can be secure, so you can sell them, or they can be free. They can be viewed online, with links to active content without limitation, or they can be viewed offline, just as you might occasionally do with your Kindle (or one of them dead tree versions us old folk use.)

Read more from Dave about how PubML gives authors “free and unrestricted access to publish rich media eBooks on the open web”.

The FAQ is helpful, but if you want to experience the enormity of PubML’s superiority (and enjoy an excellent coming-of-age memoir) read The Blue Monk on the PubML platform — right in your own browser.

How About Another Example?

Imagine, for instance, Rick Wilson’s brand new book The Man Who Wore Mismatched Socks. (We helped Rick publish it; I’m halfway through this 600-page wonder and loving every moment.)

Socks is a historical novel including events throughout WWII and beyond. It involves a brewery, famous musicians, historical events, locations all over the world.

Picture (pun!) interactive maps of the locations. Video of a brewery or a Spitfire in action. Interviews, both audio and video. Business lessons emphasized by links hither and yon. And all of it included in the digital version of the book, for a reader to explore tangentially, or if they prefer, ignore entirely. Part of the beauty of PubML is that the book stands on its own, readable simply as a book. The additions don’t intrude on the text.

The years of research Rick put into that book could all be accessible as part of the book, freely available to every reader, whether their interests were business lessons, great beer, or WWII bombers and the horrors of war.

My first mystery Through the Fog is going to be a full-immersion PubML publication: maps of locations in Ireland, music, the photos from the book except in color this time, links to historical and linguistic data.

Dave, like me, is a fussy guy. His works of fiction are only available in his gloriously designed hardcover versions. There are no digital versions, because Kindle sucks the beauty right out. He created PubML so his books could be as beautiful in digital form as they are in printed form.

Doesn’t your art deserve the same?

PubML is a WordPress plugin. You can download it and experiment with it free of charge. Licensing allows you to publish your work. Dave is delighted to answer your questions.

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