You Need a Writing Habit

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Willpower will not keep you writing. The most powerful tool to keep you writing when writing gets hard is a habit.

A writing habit is the single most important thing you can do for your writing.

photo by Maria Luisa Gutierrez
habits: they’re where it’s at

Not schedule.

Not support.

Not tools.

Not free time.

Not passion.

Not a contract.


Here are the best books I know which explain why, and tell you how to create habits. These are all affiliate links. If you use them to buy these books I will be enriched. You won’t pay a penny extra. It’s hardly worth mentioning, is it?

Every one of these is in my personal library. Some have been read more than once. Notes have been taken.

One reason I go down to my writing office every single day and put in my time is because I know and believe and practice what’s in these books.

If you’re not getting your writing done, you think you need more time or more willpower or more something else.

What you need is habit.

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  1. As much as I love those books, yours is the one that inspired real changes. I wouldn’t lose them, but it feels like they were getting me ready for Around the Writer’s Block.

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