Writer Unboxed

Another from Tom Bentley‘s stash. He’s gonna have to ante up another pile if I keep this up.

Don’t go here if you don’t want to get sucked in. I was just checking Tom’s link below, and had finished the entire article I landed on before I remembered that wasn’t what I was there for.

Writer Unboxed is not a single writer, but a site that hosts daily posts on issues of writing craft, the business and the vagaries of the writing life. Tom Bentley The posters run the range from aspiring writers to authors with decades of experience and decades of publishing success. And the spirit of the site is open, generous and deep. (And they’ve even let me post a few times, despite my hairdo.)

p.s. Tom studiously and modestly avoided providing a link to his articles at Writer Unboxed so I’m doing it for him. Or to him.

p.p.s. I like Tom’s hair. Don’t you?

2 thoughts on “Writer Unboxed

  1. Joel, you didn’t mention that the hair was woven from the fibers of the plaid-colored upholstery of my ’66 Airstream office. (I had to dye it from the original orange.)

    Hey, I’m glad you were able to get some of these folks I’ve written about some fresh circulation, because they all have lots to offer. And thanks for pushing some of my writerly wares around as well.

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