Write with Your Heart, Edit with Your Head

fountainWriting has to flow, like water. Writers thirst.

Imagine, though, if you were dying of thirst (you are, you’re a writer) and the person holding the hose kept shutting it off so they could adjust something. Spurt of water; shut it off, adjust. Spurt of water, shut it off, adjust.

You’d strangle ‘em, screaming “Just give me the water!”

That’s what your heart is doing when you write slowly, methodically, with your head. Because you don’t write with your head, you write with your heart. You edit with your head.

No one but you will see your unedited words, so don’t worry about whether they’re perfect.

Because if you worry that they’re perfect, nobody but you will ever see your words, period.

9 thoughts on “Write with Your Heart, Edit with Your Head

  1. Try word-racing with yourself. See how many words you can blast out in 5 minutes. At 60wpm you should get 300 words down.

    You’ll be amazed at what good words they are, too.

  2. I used to struggle, a lot… But since I started following your blog, I became aware that this was a problem, and now I’m doing better and better!

    Since 2014 began, I’m writing more often, I’m writing faster, and I’m proud of myself!

  3. Yay!

    I also learned about Resistance, after years of thinking I was just lazy and dumb.

    So yeah, you are helping me in a couple of ways! I should have taken the time to tell you this before, and to thank you! Well, it’s done now.

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