Write ‘Em All and Let the Market Sort ‘Em Out

photo http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1420666 by Vaughan Willis http://www.sxc.hu/profile/BonganiHere is why anyone is allowed to write a book despite the outcry from traditional publishing. It’s why a market full of substandard books doesn’t destroy anything.

Let’s use something entirely different as an analogy.

Let’s say somebody wants to open a new restaurant in town. The other 10 restaurateurs suspect the new chef doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Does that give them the right to prevent that restaurant from opening? I think not.

Let’s go extreme.

What if 10 new restaurants open in a town that already had 10? Who loses?

If we assume the market can support only 10 restaurants, before long the ones serving garbage will go under ― but it won’t necessarily be the new ones.

Replace “restaurants” with “books” and “chefs” with “authors” and multiply the numbers by a hundred thousand. It’s still true.

Write ’em all and let the market sort it out.

8 thoughts on “Write ‘Em All and Let the Market Sort ‘Em Out

  1. Thank you! I was thinking of trashing my novellas, giving up on writing, and just concentrating on my Entertainment company. By the way, I’m good at what I do in this field. Thank you so much. You have given me a boost. Grateful for that. Blessings.

  2. Your analogy would definitely apply to both the food service industry and books, but there’s one factor we indies have to overcome: folks can’t always find their way to our books like folks find their way to new restaurants.
    Getting the word out will always be #1 in any new venture but a full-page spread in the paper with live coverage on opening day we can’t always afford.

  3. Thanks for all your posts which reflect an accurate picture of self publishing. Some may find them discouraging but for me they are confirming and inspiring and I will definitely be a regular visitor.


  4. Bill, your website makes it obvious you believe what I believe. I’ll be digging into your services and seeing what else we have to talk about.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Actually, restaurants have it harder, especially if there are already plenty of restaurants in town. Unless people walk down that block of that street, they won’t see it. And all the other advertising is just as hard for a restaurant as it is for a book.

    Except, y’know, they’ve invested $50,000 minimum to get there.

  6. I will definitely look forward to our conversation. I am putting my wife Barbara onto your blog also. She is a great writer but could really benefit from your inspiration.


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