Words by Roger Miller. Lyrics by Love.

[l1]L[/l1]ove is, even in the best circumstances, a complex thing. Good songwriters find the words to sing about it.

Great songwriters know there are no words for it.

[az]B000N5XY8M[/az]In That’s Why I Love You Like I Do Roger tells the story of a young man who loved a girl so much that every time he tried to tell her about it, the words got all mixed up and came out as nonsense.

Sorta like this:

Bright moon, trey fiddly run by through
Around and up to
That’s why I love you so much
That’s why I love you like I do

Bluebird, a-wingin’ parlyfo
Some say tra-la-lum say so
That’s why I love you so much
That’s why I love you like I do

No, I don’t actually know how to spell that nonsense.

Never one to worry too much about using real words, Roger reminds me of the Irish folk tunes I grew up with. Whack fol the diddle and ar fol lol lol lo indeed. Somehow I knew that Óró, Sé do Bheatha ‘Bhaile wasn’t nonsense. It was, instead, my first exposure to the Irish language which I found beautiful even as a child.

My Best Beloved knows I love her more than music. I tell her, of course, but sometimes, there are no words. My song More Than Love is about just that.

Maybe I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

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