Will This Book Be Right for You?

Most authors think marketing is a scary deep dark hole. I think it’s filled with rainbows and possibly unicorns, so I’m writing a book to see if you can learn to be as goofy about it as I am.

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You’ll be disappointed to find that Commonsense Zero-Cost DIY Marketing for Authors will not be a step by step marketing guide. Like all my books it’s a why to rather than a how to.

But it will include lots of information like

  • how to use free as a strategy instead of just a price
  • how to blog effectively
  • when and how and why to have a newsletter
  • why generosity is your greatest marketing tool

There are all kinds of tools and social media formats out there. I ignore Twitter, but live at Linked In. Blog religiously, but only use Facebook to joke with friends.

That’s why a real “step by step” wouldn’t be practical. What has worked for me as a specific practice probably won’t do much for you.

But if you learn the principles, you’ll be able to look at any opportunity for marketing and answer questions like

  • is this generous, or selfish?
  • is this about selling, or fostering a relationship?
  • will this make me stand out, or fit in?
  • will this get the fence-sitters off the fence, inside or out?

If this makes sense to you, you’ll love the book. If not, you’ll want to save your money, or spend it on Jeffrey Gitomer’s excellent books on selling.

2 thoughts on “Will This Book Be Right for You?

  1. Hey.

    On my bulletin board, I have a New Yorker magazine comic that shows a woman sitting on a high chair behind a store’s information desk with a large sign saying BOOKS at the back of her head. She has a partially bored/partially compassionate look on her face as this old guy with noticeable hair loss and a wrinkled trenchcoat stands before her. With his shoulders hunched over, he asks, “Do you have any why-to books?”

    It’s taped to the bottom of a close-up photo of the Buddha from a park in Hawaii. hahahaha

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