Who Owns Your Book?

The obvious answer should be you, but if you sign a deal with a traditional publisher, watch out. You could also be giving away control of more than the printed version.

Now that our web design division offers specialty Kindle conversions we’ve spoken to a number of authors who’d love to have their books available on Kindle, but they’re waiting for the publishers to get around to it. Sadly, that’s the story we’ve heard for years about web design, too; “we’d love to get our website updated, but we’re waiting on the web guy/gal to do it.”

Please: if you’re going to give away control of something that came from your heart, make sure you give that control to someone you have excellent reason to trust.

And I’ll say it right here: I’ll earn your trust before we work together. You’ll know, before you ever sign a contract or hand over a nickel, that I have your best interest in mind, because that’s the only way I know to do business.

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