Where’s the Order, Where the Habit?

My unconscious is apparently toying with me. Write a post Monday about being orderly and habitual to reserve mental and emotional energy for art, and then don’t write posts the next two days.

This comes, perhaps, from not having specific goals, either targets to aim for or purposes for the actions. “I should write a post every day” isn’t meaningful. “Engaging with readers regularly builds loyalty” is a bit better.

running the maze

This year, my goal has been to write more mysteries. Our 3 businesses, Spinhead Web Design, Someday Box, and Chief Virtual Officer, are all doing what they do without much input or marketing effort from me.

After writing a 60,000-word mystery, one chapter a day, over at my personal blog, I may not post much there until there’s a specific reason. I considered suspending posts here at Someday Box, but Best Beloved, who provides social media services for authors, pointed out that we’re not killing off Spinhead and Someday Box, we’re just letting them coast for a while. Coasting uses momentum. We still need a certain minimum level of attention to keep the plates spinning, keep the Google juice flowing, keep existing fans and clientele engaged.

I’ll be digging into the back of my brain and my past as a neophyte self-publisher for topics y’all will find interesting and helpful. Because that’s why I post here: to share what I learned the hard way, so you can learn it the easy way.

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