Where Do You Get Information and Inspiration?

catching up on our readingReading a couple of Dave Bricker‘s excellent posts and Tom Bentley‘s newsletter I realized I don’t have much of what they used to call a “blogroll” around here. Must attend to that.

Besides Dave’s and Tom’s, the three I drop everything to read the instant there’s something posted are Larry Brooks’ storyfix, Steve Pressfield, and Rosanne Bane’s Bane of Your Resistance which is one of the best blog titles on the web.

In the meantime, tell me: what blogs are on your “must read” list, your “drop everything” list, your “catch up when I have a few minutes” list?

5 thoughts on “Where Do You Get Information and Inspiration?

  1. Joel, I truly do appreciate you taking the time to check out my stuff—thanks. I don’t read blogs every day, though when I stop by my regulars I’ll often read multiple posts. I like:

    Carol Tice’s Make a Living Writing, Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds, Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits, Seth Godin (duh), and WriterUnboxed. And I’ll pop in now and then (pop!) to read Pressfield’s and Dave Bricker’s as well.

    I don’t subscribe to very many though because I’m really feeling the press of time these days, and am too tempted to read and not write if I see too many reading sweets on the table.

  2. I wish I had a language filter for Wendig’s site. You know how I am about language, but he’s brilliant, whip smart, and funny. Just, y’know, profane as it’s possible to be.

    I’ve cut way back on subscriptions. I check stuff out when I have time rather than having it pushed. But some stuff is so exciting I want to know the minute it’s cooked and served.

  3. Hum, I don’t read many blogs…

    At the moment my “must read” list of blogs consist of this very blog here, and the Danger Diary of Veronica Varlow, a very inspiring lady who discusses many topics every week, from dreams and inspiration to magic and tarot. http://dangerdame.com/diary/

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