8 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?

  1. I’ve just finished reading Pride & Prejudice for the second time. Oh, to write like that lady! Also another Hardy Boys mystery. The things grannies won’t do to make their grandchildren happy.

  2. My 5th grade teacher’s sons had outgrown the Hardy Boys so he’d bring me a pile every Friday and I’d return ’em all on Monday.

    Our Little One is reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys now. (She’s also reading her own copy of Richard Halliburton’s true story of hitchhiking around the world in 1927 called The Royal Road to Romance.)

  3. Super book. Changed my life. I try to re-read it occasionally. And I definitely follow his “Writing Wednesdays” on his blog, which are extensions of that book and its follow-up Turning Pro. And I can also highly recommend The Authentic Swing as well.

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