Walkingbirds Huge West Coast Tour

[l1]O[/l1]kay, really, it was just Scott Andrew here in Sacramento, but he turned in a spectacular performance which he’ll be repeating at the Fox and Goose tonight.

It was gratifying to see folks (including the other performers) lining up to buy Scott’s new album, “Where I’ve Been.” Good stuff, and a steal at only $5. His CD is available at his site. (Or, if you’re one of the first two people to email me and tell me why you want it, I’ll send you an autographed copy, free! Don’t worry; if this sentence is still here, I’ve probably still got a copy.) Also nice of Dave Baldwin, the evening’s host, to invite Scott back for an extra song and give him the spotlight tonight at F&G.

In the meantime, I got a few shots just in case we don’t see him again soon.

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