Walkingbirds Huge West Coast Tour, Part II

[l1]M[/l1]ore photos of Scott Andrew, this time at the Fox and Goose, a marvelous pub here in Sacramento (when you order a porter, you don’t have to specify a warm glass . . . )

Scott is a dynamic performer who’s comfortable with his role as the (ostensible) center of attention. The full arrangements on his CDs and downloadable MP3s translate well to the informality of a single acoustic guitar and voice. It also helps to have a genuinely witty performer who really likes people and enjoys what he’s doing.

It was pure joy to be able to catch both of Scott’s shows here in Sacramento (and to finally meet him in person.) The family and I are looking forward to The Triumphant Return of Walkingbirds and the possibility of putting together a backing band to perform with Scott.

Thanks for two delightful evenings, Scott. I’d be proud to share the stage with you any time.

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