Vinyl Art on Fire: Groovy Portraits

[l1]M[/l1] [az]B000002J01[/az]ixed media: I love running across the stuff hanging in a gallery where the artist has photos embedded in acrylic with gardening implements painted garish colors and a bucket of dirt with a live plant growing in it. (I made that up; don’t go looking for it.)

Daniel Edlen has created an ebook which even I, an avowed ebook ignorer, couldn’t ignore.

As you’ll note in the sidebar, Daniel paints original works of art on, well, original works of art. Paintings of the artist on their own vinyl album.

Now he’s created a multimedia ebook, with images of his work, his comments on the music, and videos to accompany it all.

And it’s free, because that’s how Daniel is.

If you love music or art or just like to see something you’ve never seen before, this will touch you.

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