Truth or Consequences: It’s Not Just a Town in New Mexico Any More

New Mexico windowTraffic is down here at Someday Box. We aren’t surprised, Best Beloved and I. The reposts from Finding Why and Business Heretics. Excerpts. Links to hither and yon.

Being the needy angsty type, my first impulse is to ask how I can make you love me more. The Dylan poster on my wall says it doesn’t matter who loves you as long as you love you.

Most of you show up on Friday, after the newsletter goes out. The in-between posts get less love, maybe because they’re not fresh. Maybe because the titles aren’t compelling. Maybe because they’re about someone else instead of me, and you’re all slavering and lusting for more me, less them.

Maybe I should have my head examined.

Truth is, there are consequences to change.

I’m focused on my mysteries now, and less on book shepherding. Not, mind you, that I don’t want to hear about your book and help you make it happen. I’m still very attached to sleeping indoors, still addicted to food, needing some twice a day at least. We talked yesterday about A Long, Hard Look. It’s one of 5 in the chute. Maybe 6. I keep losing track.

But focus. It’s not a broad spectrum antibiotic, it’s a scalpel.

Next year, or the year after that, or, well, you get the idea, that year whenever it is, the focus here will pay off. The diminished traffic at this blog, the willingness to let work float in of its own accord rather than chasing it down like a wildebeest, it’ll all be fine. History. The smart choice, because that’s what we call the choice that pays off even though we thought the choices that bombed like the Fat Boy were smart when we made them.

I keep telling y’all it’s a long game, not a quick sprint. This is me, pretending to be Cliff Young, who I’m not.

See you at the finish line.

15 thoughts on “Truth or Consequences: It’s Not Just a Town in New Mexico Any More

  1. You’re right: it’s a long game. It takes time to grow followers who are serious about the craft of writing; short spurt folks tend to drop out when the slogging starts.

    And then there’s SAD. Maybe that accounts for some of your reduced traffic right now? I’m floundering myself, my thoughts flickering across the spectrum from “Abandon all hope; leave writing for others” to “Give up blogging; work only on your books” to “Hang in there.”

    Too long indoors, too little exercise, too much ice & snow, too little sunshine. Whatever it is that makes up SAD. I’m fighting low-grade depression and haven’t been keeping up with anything this month. That’s my excuse — and maybe others are in the same boat?

    I guess all writers are angsty; we all appreciate positive reactions, views, likes, and new followers. When people frown or traffic is down we wring our hands and come up with creative solutions some work, some don’t. Sometimes a person just has to weather it, as you say.

    Hope you’ll be blessed with gleams of wisdom and patience. (re: the Prayer of Serenity.) The sun is slowly creeping back to our northern lands and spirits will improve.

  2. I’m depending a lot on my people in New Mexico, Arizona, California, and Australia, where it’s either sunny because it’s just sunny, or sunny because it’s smack in the middle of summer.

    We actually see more sun here than all the years we lived in California. The coast gets clouds off the ocean, and the brutal sun in Sacramento summers makes any sane person hide in an air conditioned bunker without windows.

    Mostly, though, I suffer from “I want it all” an awful lot, and it’s hard to let go of all the fandom for the blog in order to build fandom for my books, partly because there’s gonna be a gap.

  3. I read your blog daily and am always glad that I did but commenting is based entirely on priority and lately that’s been tough.

    I’m publishing a book for a WW2 spy (fascinating), writing a book on relationships (I must be nuts), just finished building a new office for myself and remodeling a meditation room for Barbara (, and am a full time IT Manager for a major hotel. Staying busy is not a problem for me but I wanted you to know how important your stuff is to me so you will keep it coming. I appreciate your work and find it valuable even though I don’t comment often.

  4. I can believe there would be a gap; some are interested in learning to write, but not adult mysteries. And there are “all or nothing” people like me who never want to start a story if I can’t hear the ending, so I tend to avoid reading excerpts.

    I was thinking in terms of a North American audience, didn’t realize you have readers in Oz, too. I also avoid thinking of folks basking in the sunshine right now, lest I be too overcome with envy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. That shower is amazing. Amazing. I’m still trying to get around to bringing the 1x8s inside to replace the cinder block/bi-fold door book cases in my office.

    I value highly the time folks spend here, which is one reason I stop to ponder what’s valuable. What I’d hate most is to be posting stuff just to fill the space, to “post regularly” rather than posting boldly, meaningfully, from my heart.

  6. Fortunately, we get to go where it’s warm for a month. Spending March in Arizona, with a side trip to California.

    I understand the all or nothing feeling. I hate reading an excerpt if I know I can’t get the book right now.

  7. Hi Joel,
    I often want to click a Like button after I read your blog, but there isn’t one (at least not one that I see). Maybe your blogs are getting more love than you realize…

  8. Don’t worry Joel, I love you! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’m always looking forward to reading the newsletter on friday!

    And I’m still enjoying Through the Fog, I’m not done reading it yet and I already can’t wait for the sequel…

  9. Great!

    And no, I’m not reading this one… But I will certainly read it eventually! I’m reading 3 very different books and one comic book at the same time for now, so if I add one more story in there, my head might explode or something!

  10. Haha! It would indeed make an awesome review…

    Oh don’t worry, when I’m done reading Through the Fog, I will take some time to work on a review… even if my head does explode.

  11. When I read your reply to Myriam, I clicked on the link and started reading about gumshoe Phil and the strange sisters. I don’t normally read mysteries, but this is awesome!

    (Now I haven’t done my housecleaning this afternoon!)

    I left a couple of comments, one on Chapter Twelve where I got a bit lost as to who’s being talked about, but I just get “Invalid security token”, so I’ll tell you here as well.

  12. “I donโ€™t normally read mysteries, but this is awesome!”

    Oh h’ray. Thank you! Sorry about the housecleaning.

    Can you send me an email about the comment error? I’d like to ask some questions about it over there rather than here in the comments.

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