Traditional Publishing as Religion

Religious Wars Rarely Advance Civilization: image by jorge vicente there are a few folks tied to traditional publishing who are willing to have a conversation, more and more, I see forum conversations turn into debates laced with ad hominem attacks and vague platitudes.

It’s good to be passionate about what you believe. If something is right, it’s right, even if only under these specific circumstances.

I’ve often said that my favorite response to my writing or speaking is disagreement. When someone thinks I’m wrong and says so, respectfully and clearly, one of two things will happen:

  1. I’ll learn something new; or
  2. I’ll confirm something I believe.

(Or, perhaps, both.

But only if they’re willing to state their case with clarity and good manners.

Fail to follow the rules of logic and common sense, and you can’t teach me.

Insult me, and I don’t care what you think. If I need to learn it elsewhere I will.

It’s fine to have a religion. Just don’t give away your good manners and judgment because of it.

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