[l1]I[/l1] don’t believe the nonsense that bad things come in threes, but if anyone else does, I hope we’re through.
I’m not obsessed with death or anything like that—my own life has taken turns that make me certain I want to live forever. But humans are the only creature on this planet who take special notice of death, so consider this instinctive behavior.

The ‘Man in Black’, Johnny Cash, Dead at 71

Cash formed much of my early perception of music, right there with the Clancy Brothers, Marty Robbins, and Eugene Ormandy. It was fascinating in recent years to watch him take modern songs and make them his own.

Actor John Ritter dead at 54

No, he wasn’t a musician, and his most famous role was, to me, his most annoying, but John Ritter, when he was allowed to, could really act.

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