The Real Reason I Do This

Here are a few things I believe about being an author in 2013:

  • It’s a great time to be an artist
  • It’s a tough time to sell art
  • Reading is a fundamental human activity; even reading for pleasure
  • Yes, we need more books
  • And more authors
  • And more music and art of all kinds
  • Gatekeepers serve no purpose in the world of art
  • Selling art is still a business
  • We have more tools than we can use, for writing, marketing, reading, sharing
  • Literature is not an endangered species
  • Nor are readers
  • Or writers
  • Or print
  • Money comes second, or third; writing comes first
  • Some people don’t believe that, but I don’t think it’s just my opinion, I think it’s a fact
  • Nobody writes without fear
  • Emotional fears do far more damage than good
  • I hold back far more than you think I do
  • Helping authors is more important to me than money
  • I’d still love to have plenty of money and so would you

That’s the short version of the list.

And none of that is why I do what I do.

I know that good marketing involves loving what you’re selling, but loving your customers, clients, fans, even more to ensure that you’re always being generous.

And that’s not why I do this, either.

Here’s why I spend most of my waking hours thinking about Someday Box and authors and writing and marketing and blog posts and publishing:

my booksI love books.

The greatest joys in my life have been amplified by books.

The deepest pains of my life have been mitigated by books.

My physical surroundings have been dominated by books my whole life, and always will be.

My childhood memories revolve around books.

The greatest material losses in my life have been the complete destruction of my first (multi-thousand book) library by water in 1983, and the rending asunder of my even larger library by my divorce 11 years ago.

Among my greatest parenting joys has been the love all my children feel for reading. Every one is voracious, insatiable when it comes to the written word.

Real books. Physical books. A friend gave me his first-generation Kindle, and I use it for checking digital conversions for clients and not much else. I don’t read on my computer, or iPhone.

I want a cloth cover and good paper with a fine inky smell.

I love books.

And I do what I do every day because of it.

2 thoughts on “The Real Reason I Do This

  1. This post made me smile. I love books too, always have…
    My mother loves books so much that she had my father build her bookshelves in a full room of their house, a few years ago… It’s an awesome room 🙂

  2. My dream is to have a library in my home again. I once had a full library, over 2,000 books, lining the walls of my office. I love being surrounded by my books, and having all of them within sight.

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