The Other Joel Canfield

Joel D CanfieldOnce upon a time I thought my name was unique.

I was playing bass in a few bands and thought I’d see if anyone had ever posted anything about me online. Googled my name and “bass” and lo and behold, there’s some guy named Joel Canfield, a bass player somewhere in Michigan.

That’s the day I started using my middle initial D. (It’s for David, and no, I have no idea why my parents gave me two Hebrew Bible names, especially considering my siblings each have two Celtic names.) My introduction at business mixers was “If it doesn’t have the D it isn’t really me.” So, it’s Joel D Canfield, because I need the D but didn’t want the period because I’m an artist and I have my affectations and it’s my name fer cryin’ out loud.

But only with the D in it.

Lately I’ve started getting emails asking when the fourth M∗x B∗∗∗∗n book will be out. [See, if I actually spell out the character’s name here, it will siphon even more Googlejuice to this wrong destination.] Or congratulating me on the award for the second book in the series. Or asking about the movie rights to the first one.

It ain’t me.

It’s understandable. How many authors named Joel Canfield could there be?

Joel D CanfieldIt turns out the answer is “more than one” and it also turns out that since one of them started his own web company in 1999 his name is, like, all over this internet thing, and people put 2 and 2 together and, quite unremarkably, come up with 4.

I am not 4, though. I am some other number, one with a D in the middle.

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