The Great Debate About Breasts (and Feeding)

Men have an innate sexual response to the sight of a woman’s breast. It’s not a choice, it’s biology.

Breast-feeding is not a sexual activity. Men know this. We are Neanderthals, not idiots.

Do women understand that we do not choose to see your breasts as sexual, that it is, in fact, beyond our control? We cannot choose against biology any more than you can simply choose not to need food, water, or air.

The only breasts I want to see are my wife’s. I don’t want to see anyone else’s breasts, even if all they’re doing is feeding a baby. It’s not that I object to breasts. Quite the opposite. I like them enormously. That was a joke. I mean, I have a pretty healthy sex drive and enjoy a healthy physical relationship with my wife. Contrary to common thinking, though, seeing someone else’s breasts does not benefit my marriage in some way.

I’m not sure I understand the logical, practical argument against a woman covering herself and her baby with a light blanket while she takes care of the child’s needs.

I get that it’s an emotional issue, but I’m not here to have an emotional argument. I’ve presented a logical reason why I don’t want to see any breasts but my wife’s. Give me a logical argument why I should have to.

“Well then don’t look!” I was told. It isn’t as if we have to stare long enough to memorize a breast for it to have an effect. If I’m simply sitting in a coffee shop looking out the window, logging into Faceboob I mean book, what I see is not entirely my choice. I see what’s there. We can’t simply choose not to see what passes in front of our eyes. Please don’t make idiotic arguments.

2 thoughts on “The Great Debate About Breasts (and Feeding)

  1. I’m totally with you on “Cover up, fer pete’s sake!”
    – with a blankie, a towel, a part of your own shirt or jacket…

  2. (I was kinda wondering if anyone would ever stumble across this.)

    Glad to hear it’s not just me, Karen.

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