The Commonsense Entrepreneur

The Commonsense Entrepreneur[l1]I[/l1]’m writing a book, ‘The Commonsense Entrepreneur.’ My goal is to help small businesses succeed, while succeeding myself. As one step on that road, I would like to offer entrepreneurs a free half-hour consultation. Let’s discuss the biggest challenge you’re facing in business, your most recent ‘learning experience’ (some call them mistakes), or your dreams for your career and yourself. Let me convince you of my ability to understand your issues quickly, and offer practical guidance to help you succeed.

All I ask in return for this free consultation is your honest feedback, and the right, if I choose, to include it on the Commonsense Entrepreneur website (credited to you, or anonymous; your choice.)

Please call toll free (877) 771-7746 or email (or use the Commonsense Entrepreneur contact form) to arrange a free half hour-hour consultation by phone, email, or letter, or if you’re in the Roseville/Sacramento area, in person at our office or preferably your place of business.

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