The City is a Washing Machine

[az]B001GUJFRM[/az][l1]O[/l1]r so says Marvelous Toy.

I think this has always been my theme song (one of them, at least) and I just had to wait 40 years for someone to write it. More assertive than folk, less aggressive than rock, more intelligent than pop. Retrobilly, maybe.

The City is a Washing Machine opens with acoustic guitar, a vigorously thumped kick drum, and vocals, eventually we get organ and other stuff (the happy click of drumsticks, for instance, and piano) but it’s far into the song, the last word of the chorus in fact, before I hear a bass. And that’s very minimalist cool. As is the ending: an unfinished line, both lyrically and musically. Witty. I like witty.

 I know how my life began and I know how it will end; I will be searching for a word that rhymes with 'dying' as I lay dying

Every instrument is played with panache, and some, in addition, with a pick. jordan hudock, ny lee, cody hudock (look; two folks with the same last name) and franck fiser (they’re listed on their MySpace page in lower case, and with my ‘no period after the ‘D’ in Joel D Canfield, please’ affectation, who am I to correct them?) are having fun.

Let’s all buy their album so they feel obligated to tour. Los Angeles is too far to drive. Though, Marvelous Toy just might be worth it.

Jordan was kind enough to send a copy of their press kit which you can grab and read if you like. It suits their music, it does.

(See also Waiting for the Fire, much more complex than your average retrobilly song; earnest, passionate, and stupendous fun to sing along with.)

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