Terpsichore Antipodes

I’ve pushed the button on yet another book, both Kindle and paperback versions. That’s the title up there.

Hold on, hold on. Don’t go rushing off to empty your wallets. The paperback isn’t live yet, though Amazon has created a page already. (Update: oh ho, the Kindle version is live.)

Another reason to hold your horses (and wallets.) This is nothing like I’ve ever written before. It is an experimental stream-of-consciousness romantic mystery novella. What’s it about? It’s about 20,000 words oh ho.

Here’s the sample from the back cover:

and that smile oh sweet merciful heavens that smile at my table across the table or maybe there on the near side and tread riser riser tread yet once more unto the carousel of security the carousel of step this way sir excuse me cor look at im looking around like we was talkin to someone else you banker boy this way these gents have more than a few questions about certain documents and the room was bright but not golden not golden at all. Irregularities. What a nonword a meaningless string of what no I was not listening of course I heard you if only it were possible to not well listen to this banker boy we’re not cops and we’re not your friends and we don’t have to obey the rules because we’re the ones who make the rules so maybe you’d like to be the first in history to admit it now without involving lead pipes and rubber hoses and of course we would never do that would we Smithers but perhaps you could just keep those pipes and hoses in the back of your mind just in case Smithers gets off his chain while I’m having a smoke break if you know what I’m he’ll wipe that smile right off your don’t think for a minute you’ll be the one what’s this about he wants to know what’s this about well I don’t know Smithers should we tell him or let him sweat it out I mean sort it out or maybe he’ll sort while he sweats sweat while he sorts now listen here you bad breathed banker boy your signature I mean six copies how subtle can you six copies I ask you and venezooayla I ask you

It’s one long paragraph. The whole book, I mean. Here’s the marketing blurb:

20,000-word experimental stream of consciousness romantic mystery novella. Waste of your money. I don’t recommend it. Buy something you’ll understand. Perhaps even like. Not worth the price of admission to see someone wading naked into their stream of consciousness. Don’t say I didn’t warm the cockles of your heart me hearties. Breakfast of trampolines.

I’m not kidding. I’m only telling you about this because I’m glad to have done something this year.

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  1. Well, if you think you could wade through it, I’ll send a copy just to see what you think.

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