Your Author Website: Choosing a Good WordPress Theme

Big fan of WordPress. I use it for all my sites and for Spinhead’s clients’ sites as well. As a writer you’ll note the correct use of apostrophes in that sentence. (See below for the difference between and and trust me, you want to know this.)

Choosing a theme seems to be a massive roadblock to beginners.

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Turning Your Website Into a Connection Machine

I am not using “machine” in the cool and/or hip sense, as in, your website will magically cause magic to magically happen.

I am using it the sense of a mechanism which does a thing. Because your website is probably an online brochure, limiting, perhaps even repelling, connection. Do these things well, and your site will have the mechanics to allow, even foster, connection. (These are mechanical steps, not social engineering, which is a subject for a different marketing-based post.)


Quick and dirty, not necessarily in order of importance unless otherwise stated.

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Blog Posts to Facebook: Jetpack Almost Does It

Cheryl Campbell

Cheryl Campbell

Continuing our conversation from yesterday with author Cheryl Campbell

On Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 5:00 PM, Cheryl Campbell <> wrote:
I know you have your website/blog. Do you have your blog posts automatically go to your facebook page?I have a personal FB account but I was interested in having a separate account for the books where they are directly tied to each other.

Further, I was thinking of having the book website I created directly auto update the book FB page when I posted blogs from the website.

Part of me thinks having the website AND FB for the books is silly and redundant.

Part of me thinks I would rather keep my personal FB page out it entirely and limited to friends/family which was the reason for the book FB page.

Personally, I can’t stand FB and only just set up a personal account about a month ago. Part of the reason for the breakdown was I knew I was getting close to going to print with the first book. But I do appreciate that I am a minority in that opinion and understand that social media is ridiculously powerful in spreading news and marketing.

Where I’m on the decision see-saw and cannot figure out what I want to do with website only, website + pers FB, or website + book FB…I figured I could ask the man that loves questions. 🙂


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