ROI: Is Writing a Book a Good Investment in Your Business?

selling-sold-sold-paidFiction authors might want to find something else to read. Today we’re all business.

Selling books is no way to make money. But you’re a business person and you know that some things that don’t directly earn money are still vital to the sales process.

Does a book fit into that picture?

Let’s talk numbers.

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Self-Publishing Jump Start and Long Game

Writing to make a profit in 2013 requires either wild blind luck or choosing to write over-the-line sexual encounters. For this brief moment in history, books are a commodity: far more supply than demand.

Stick with it for 5 years, and the opportunists will have faded away or been pruned by market response.

For now, write because you have something to say. Word toward making a profit 5 years from now.

If you understand that self-publishing is a business which is connected to but not the same as the art of writing, you’re light-years ahead of many other authors.

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How do I keep people from loaning my book so I don’t lose sales?

You don’t.

You are in business to help people. Of course you need to make a living, and you’d like to make a good one, but if your business is only about money, you’re in the wrong business.

If you’re truly in business to help others, to make the world a better place, the more people you help the better. Your goal is to spread your message. Plant as many seeds as possible so you can reap the biggest harvest.

Not all seeds grow. You can’t know — can not know — which ones will grow. The math is simple: the more seeds you plant the more seeds grow and the more you reap.

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