Porter Anderson and Publishing Perspectives

Porter Anderson
Porter Anderson
Another smart voice trying to keep up with all the changes is Porter Anderson (who is not related to Anderson Cooper no matter how my brain wants to link them. You’ll also note, from the images, that neither of them resembles the Mini Cooper, now made by BMW.)

Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper
Anderson (Porter, not Cooper) points us to stuff like this great read on a traditional publisher overcoming the “stigma” of self-publishing because the extra $5,000 a month made it seem like a good idea. (That’s one thing I love about Anderson’s writing: sometimes, the tongue just might be in the cheek, but it’s not obvious. I could be wrong.)

Mini Cooper
Mini Cooper
Best Beloved pulled this snippet from one of Tom Bentley‘s recent newsletters:

Porter Anderson is one smart cookie, who writes with insight and wry wonder at the crazy minefield of the publishing industry. He blogs seemingly all over the durn place, but prominently at Publishing Perspectives, Jane Friedman’s site and Writer Unboxed.

Jane Friedman: Writing, Reading, and Publishing in the Digital Age

Jane FriedmanAnother person Tom Bentley and I are both fans of: Jane Friedman. She spent a decade guiding Writer’s Digest. She has a wee bit of insight into what’s going on in the maelstrom of modern publishing.

Dig through her writing advice archive and read Tom’s comments:

Jane Friedman’s site and work examines with an analytical but empathetic eye the windings of many writing roads, from individual authorship to self- and traditional publishing to diverse matters of writing craft and business. She is on top of the latest developments—and offers clear interpretations from that peak.

Self-Publishing Jump Start and Long Game

Writing to make a profit in 2013 requires either wild blind luck or choosing to write over-the-line sexual encounters. For this brief moment in history, books are a commodity: far more supply than demand.

Stick with it for 5 years, and the opportunists will have faded away or been pruned by market response.

For now, write because you have something to say. Word toward making a profit 5 years from now.

If you understand that self-publishing is a business which is connected to but not the same as the art of writing, you’re light-years ahead of many other authors.

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