Music at the Point of Inception: Guest Post by Charlie Cheney

[l1]S[/l1]ongwriter comes first in Charlie Cheney‘s bio (the one in my head,) though I know he’s a devoted husband and loving father, a software geek, and an adventurer extraordinaire. I decided to share his abortive attempt just as he sent it to me, because Charlie appreciates my sense of humour. Most of the time. Continue reading “Music at the Point of Inception: Guest Post by Charlie Cheney”

Charlie Cheney and Jimmy Doogan

[l1]J[/l1]azzy, with a light edge, floral topnotes and a decisive nose.

Charlie Cheney is a distinctive and intelligent songwriter whose love for February Album Writing Month is a driving force behind the fun and learning that I get from it.

His song Jimmy Doogan was a jazz delight when he recorded the demo last year. He’s done a video which includes a new bridge section. Lyrically, the song has nice tension, but musically it was all sweetness and happy. The bridge really pushes it briefly into a meaner place, so the release coming back to the sweet melody is darkened nicely.

Charlie Cheney. Jimmy Doogan. Enjoy.

(The video isn’t exactly HD quality, but the sound’s the important part and that’s crisp and clear.)

Charlie Cheney’s Music Exam (Filters)

[l1]A[/l1]nd one more show with Charlie. Too much information. No; not here. That’s what the show is about.

It used to be that you’d read Rolling Stone or get music suggestions from the DJ on the radio. But now that there’s far too much music even to hear it all on the radio, let alone discuss, how do you filter out all the noise and zero in on the music you’ve never heard of, but want to hear?

Charlie Cheney’s Music Exam (Social Networks)

[l1]T[/l1]wo more shows with Charlie (it’s been two weeks; it’s a weekly show. Coincidence, or design?)

On the December 8th show we talked about social networks. In this one, you get to hear me completely blindsided because I hadn’t gotten Charlie’s email telling me what we were talking about so I hadn’t done my homework. I realize I don’t really sound like a blathering idiot. I only felt like one. (My fault, not Charlie’s. Charlie is a gracious and entertaining host.)

As always, no autoplay, please. Click the little button. Yes, that one, the pointy triangle thing.

Charlie Cheney’s Music Exam (Tribes)

[l1]N[/l1]o, this won’t be on the test.

Musician and musical entrepreneur Charlie Cheney is doing an online radio show and for some reason decided he should talk to me a lot. We’ll be foisting this nonsense on an unsuspecting world every Monday evening for the foreseeable future. Check Charlie’s BlogTalkRadio page for the schedule, time, archives, and all that blather. And call in! Call and actually talk to us during the show! Your very own voice will appear right here in these podcasts! You’ll be as famous as I am!

Maybe that doesn’t mean as much as it could, huh?

Since I hate noises automatically starting on web pages, you’ll have to click the ‘Play’ button below to listen.