Wine into Water?

wine into waterAs writers, I hope you’re getting some of your marketing savvy from The Story of Telling. Not only is Bernadette brilliant, it’s the most writerly marketing description I know.

In her latest post she writes that “the customers you keep are not just choosing you—you are also choosing them. The fact that you make this choice means you get to do your best work and not the watered down version for people who might care some day.”

I co-authored a book with Rick Wilson called Hits or Niches. The diagram below outlines our shared perspective on why marketing should always aim at a niche and never aim at becoming a hit.

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Mexican Hot or McDonald’s Hot?

The unsuspecting patron takes a giant bite of his McBlazing Wrap. Whips crack. Flames spurt. Explosions.

The McDonald’s commercial is implying that this meal is hot. I can assure you, though, that while I might find it well seasoned, I wouldn’t be reaching for the sugar water to douse the burning sensation in my mouth. Because I spent half of my childhood eating in Mexico, my notion of spicy is quite different from most of the folks who frequent McDonald’s. And, in fact, from most of the folks who live around here. A friend across the state line once remarked, “Minnesotans think ketchup is hot”.

image by Charlie Balch

Why does McDonald’s pretend their meal is so spicy?

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