Energy, Pythagorean or Otherwise

[az]B000TGGTIC[/az][l1]A[/l1]mazon (like everyone else) now sells MP3s. To give those of us with associate accounts a feel for what the new store is like, they’re giving away FREE! the song ‘Energy’ from the brand new Apples in Stereo album New Magnetic Wonder.

The band’s ‘About’ page says

 In the charmed world of The Apples in Stereo's Robert Schneider, music and mathematics are the principal creative outlets.

Schneider has created a non-Pythagorean musical scale, and composed some music using it. It has potential. You can hear the new album in its entirety at the website.

Pop music isn’t supposed to be complex or life-altering. ‘Energy’ is fun, simple, repetitive. It’s got a catchy melody that’s hummable, the lyrics don’t make me think too hard (I have other music for that!) and it’s all performed well. If this had come on my car stereo this morning, I’d have turned it up, not off.

And with album names like ‘New Magnetic Wonder’ and ‘Her Wallpaper Reverie’ it seems like their other six or seven albums are worth looking into. I’d never heard of AiS, but they’re gonna get a thorough investigation, I assure you.