Story Cartel: A Postscript

Story CartelJust had a great phone call with Joe Bunting, one of the founders of Story Cartel.

There was a flaw in my experiment, and it wasn’t until we were chatting that I realized it. Rather than telling you right away, I’ll make it into a long story because that’s what I do.

Last week, Joe emailed his regrets that Story Cartel hadn’t worked out for me, and asked if I’d have time for a phone call to chat about my experiment. As I mentioned in my response, he and Jeff Goins‘ reputations were one reason I opted to try Story Cartel. They’re a couple of guys who genuinely care about other writers and their readers. They’re not about making a quick buck, and that’s driven home by the fact that Joe took the time to ask me some good questions and really listen to the answers.

Big Discovery

I’m not Story Cartel’s target.

If you are, it’s probably something you should try.

Story Cartel provides a simple web tool and a waiting audience for authors who don’t already have a following, and aren’t tech-savvy enough to set up their own book giveaway (or who just don’t want to spend the time or mental cycles to sort the details.)

I have a large audience. I’m a web developer and data geek.

I am not their audience.

But if you don’t already have a following, if you’d like a simple step-by-step tool to let you do a quick giveaway to get some reviews for your book, Story Cartel might be a good investment of your $25.

Best Beloved and I use the phrase all the time: not a match. Some clients, some projects, just aren’t a match. Nothing necessarily wrong with the client, the project, or us. Not about time or money. Just, not a match.

My experiment neglected to take into account that one element: is Story Cartel a good match for me?

Just as a negative review can still help you decide you’ll like a book or movie, my less-than-stellar results from Story Cartel just might help you decide that, for you, it is a match.

6 thoughts on “Story Cartel: A Postscript

  1. Im still back at my original point. Why not give away some of your books in e-book format? We did, and I got some to download some free issues from us and reviews!!!
    I dont understand the obssession with it having to be a paperback item. A book is a book is a book!
    Besides the obvious point of saving postage and cost of the book an e-book is the way most humans on earth are cosuming their literature.
    Of the 6+k books we sold, 9 were paper and so far i have 80 reviews. It surely is a cost effective way to experiment. Any thoughts?

  2. 1. Story Cartel doesn’t do print, it does digital.
    2. This is an experiment to learn, not an example of a proven technique. Sometimes, experiments don’t turn out as expected.
    3. I hate digital books and only read in print, so I like to give away what I like. (If you hated pie, would you have a pie giveaway, or would you lean toward giving away something you actually liked?)
    4. Are you still off coffee? Because you seem a little caffeinated here.
    5. Of COURSE digital is a good way to experiment. Which is what Story Cartel was. And what my own personal giveaway will be, after I experiment with Goodreads.
    6. That coffee thing . . .

  3. Well…u should have said so in the beginning!…anyway…gotta go…Starbucks closes in half an hour…

  4. I’m glad you’ve come to understand what failed in your experiment and hope that will help you — and us — make better choices in future.

    As one who is participating in the reader’s side of writing reviews for the Story Cartel, I’ll say it hasn’t worked the best for me, either — though I’m willing to take the blame. I’m technologically challenged. I should discuss this with them, but will share my tale here since you’re on the subject.

    I downloaded the pdf of a book to review — or thought I had… But for some reason it didn’t transfer to my computer. So I bought it from Amazon (for $1 — didn’t break me) then read & reviewed it. I had no problem with the first book I downloaded, but this one and another I chose at the same time just aren’t here. Not in Adobe reader, not in the Kindle app, not in my Downloads. I believe I can go back to my TSC dashboard and read the next one through that.

  5. When I worked the help desk at my last job ever, one thing I noticed was that people didn’t have a consistent place to download things, they’d just accept wherever they were prompted, and then they couldn’t find them again.

    Try downloading another book, just as an experiment. Put it in “My Documents” or wherever you know you’ll find it again. Then navigate there and see if you can see it.

    Or have one of the kids or, if you have ’em, grandkids help 😉

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