Stephen King’s Yellow Card Man 11.22.63

I’ve stayed up past midnight 3 nights in a row to finish Stephen King’s 11.22.63. Yes, it’s that good (and that long; nearly 900 pages.)

Not a fan of horror, but this one is fantasy/scifi rather than his usual genre. It has time travel. It’s a historical novel. It has romance. In the end notes it has a nod to Time and Again which I agree with King is the best time travel book written.

One small but vital character interested me because of a parallel to Rafe Keyn and the Temporal Lisle. It seems guardians of time travel are a common idea. I’m giving a little away here, but you can’t read the first few chapters of King’s book and not realize that the yellow card man is going to be more than a bit player, no matter how few lines he speaks.

So there you have it: Stephen King is starting to write like me because we like the same time travel book.

(Speaking of fantasy . . . )

4 thoughts on “Stephen King’s Yellow Card Man 11.22.63

  1. Like many of SK’s books, he makes me crazy with rambling. This tome wasn’t any different. I’m a lush for time travel stuff and loved what he did around it for the story, but there was a lot of fodder in the book that I thought could’ve been cut and not lost anything.

  2. Yeah, comment complaint I’ve heard about his writing. I love a good ramble, so it made the book better for me.

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