Speedway at Nazareth

[l1]G[/l1]D” border=”0″ align=”left” />lancing at the title and lyrics of the first Mark Knopfler solo album I bought, I was prepared to be underwhelmed by a song about a losing race car driver. I’m not much interested in car racing (I’ll take steeplechases any day, and no, it’s not cruel, the horses love it) and at first look, it’s just this guy talking about all the bad luck he’s had, explaining away his losing streak.

When I did finally listen carefully, I was floored by the closing line

 But at the speedway at Nazareth I made no mistake

The big win to end the racing season wasn’t about luck; it wasn’t won by superior driving skills. Just the simple acknowledgment that success is often a matter of ‘making no mistakes.’ It puts a completely different complexion on the entire story; this is not a man making excuses, it’s a man expressing acceptance of his role in the undesirable results, and the simple pleasure of getting it right in the end.

Followed by a very long guitar rant that builds in typical Knopfler fashion to a memorable, hummable, ‘play it again’ track.

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