Songwriting Finish Line and Missing My Kids

Unrelated, just the two things most on my mind today.

there is nothing here

Tough part: my 4 adult kids haven’t spoken to me since their mother and I split 15 years ago. The youngest was 13 at the time which means I’ve missed more than half his life. They’re adults, they make their own decisions, and I have to accept the consequences of breaking up the marriage. Doesn’t stop me missing them achingly and wishing things were different.

But good news: since FAWM‘s slogan is 14 songs in 28 days, I’m a winner (that just means I’ve written 14 songs, not that I beat anyone or anything except maybe Resistance.) I am happy with the songs I’ve written. Most are performable, at least once, and I’m especially proud of #14, called Here Before.

My plan was to write 28 songs, so I’m still going to plug along, writing the happy and sad as they occur to me, and most days, writing a chapter of that time-travel fantasy y’all are dreaming of.

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