Sharing the Profits vs. Hiring Assistance

I'm sure there's a metaphor about paths and choice in here somewhereI’ve long been opposed to sharing profits with the traditional publishing world after an author has done all the work to build a following.

Lately I’ve been thinking there’s middle ground.

If I’ve got a platform, and someone else can take on the publishing parts, more or less as a paid help, so that I can focus on writing, there’s something to be considered.

If my next book were to become popular enough to attract the attention of a small press willing to do real marketing for me, and manage the editing and formatting and cover design without taking all my control away, I think I’d consider that.

But break even one of those things, like leaving the marketing to me, or denying me control of the final editing and design choices, and I’ll just hire the work done myself.

There’s a small grey area between the wasteland I see in traditional publishing and the, if not overwhelming, at least whelming work of self-publishing.

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