Shaking the Tree

[az]B00008977N[/az][az]B000000OTY[/az][l1]P[/l1]rimarily a lyricist, it’s usually the words that draw me to a song. (My primary beef with country music is that the lyrics tend to be trite or on a subject I find uninteresting or just poorly written. This does not apply to Brad Paisley, in case you were wondering.)

It’s always fun, then, to love a song for the music, then discover its message.

[az]B000001M1Q[/az][az]B00449NQDQ[/az]The two versions of Peter Gabriel’s Shaking the Tree I own (from his live album Secret World and from the movie soundtrack Jungle 2 Jungle) are fun, smart, world music. Ancient rhythms and modern instruments, used well.

And an ancient injustice throughout the lyrics.

I’m pretty sure that about 5 minutes after the fall in Eden, Adam was blaming Eve, and ever since, men, in general, have been given women less than honorable treatment. While I’m not an advocate of equality (please; are men and women equal? Not if equal means what I think it means) but dignity, fairness, honor, kindness—basing them on gender is monstrously immoral.

I, for one, know that I’d be nothing without my Best Beloved.

What about you?

Shake it.

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