The Serious Downgrading of the Phoenix Springtime Author Event

I assure you it will be NOTHING like thisI had been hoping to host a huge author event in Phoenix next spring.

I gave myself until September 1 to make a firm decision.

I can’t commit to a full-scale convention with speakers and workshops. What I can commit to is something much, much smaller: a simple meet and greet.

I’ll Be Here. Wanna Come?

We’re going to choose a venue (or two: one daytime coffee shop, one evening brew pub) and a date in March, and Sue and I will spend the day and evening waiting for y’all to show up.

We’ll talk books, writing, music, or whatever you like. We’ll make arrangements with the venue not to throw us out if we get too loud or stay too long, and to let visiting authors set up books to sell. Yes, the hope is that other authors will be joining me.

I know it won’t make sense for many of you to make a long trek to Phoenix just for that. I understand. I wish I could create something more, and perhaps in the future I will.

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