Ropin’ the Wind with Garth Brooks

[az]B000EN0TIG[/az][l1]B[/l1]ack in 1992 I was introduced to Garth Brooks by a friend from Texas. I hadn’t really been a huge country fan before then. My friend was staying with me at the time and wanted to watch the Country Music Awards. I was hooked after hearing Garth Brooks perform. Today, though I don’t listen to even new country much, I still love to listen to Garth Brooks.

In the summer of 1992 Garth came to San Diego, California, where I was then living. His Ropin’ the Wind Tour brought him to the Naval Station-32nd Street Athletic Field July 18, 1992 for a show. I went with friends and thoroughly enjoyed the show itself. Garth is a dynamic performer!

Garth’s album Ropin’ the Wind includes one of my favorite songs of his, The River, as well as a cover of Billy Joel’s Shameless, and What’s She Doing Now.

[az]B00004YA66[/az]Another Garth Brooks highlight for me is the night my son and I performed Karaoke at a friend’s house. We did Friends in Low Places. It’s the one and only time I’ve ever done Karaoke. My son was a teenager and loved to sing and was brave enough to get up there with me in front of all our friends and sing his heart out.

And of course I love his closing song in the movie Frequency titled When You Come Back Again.

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