Rigidity and Balance and Forward Momentum

The first year my blog over at Someday Box was live, I posted whenever I felt like it, when something special was going on. When I realized the work I do with Someday Box was our future, I started posting daily.

photo http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1154969 by Carolina Farion http://www.sxc.hu/profile/CaroFarionExcept last week.

I’ve been kicking myself for only posting 4 times in 9 or 10 days. Kicking oneself is counter-productive. I cannot move forward while looking backward.

When I miss a day, it’s missed. Folks who come here a month from now won’t notice that I missed posting last week. If the show up at Someday Box they won’t see that all the posts aren’t precisely sequential (except in cases where, like a host asking their guests not to notice the mess, I point it out.)

It’s a holdover from my old life, this need to leave a flawless wake as I sail on. It serves no purpose beyond the lessons I learn about planning ahead; for instance, Best Beloved is scheduling time for me to dictate a week’s Someday Box posts in advance so they can be nearly done instead of nonexistent when I sit down to post.

When the lesson is learned, guilt or remorse or regret serves no further purpose.

2 thoughts on “Rigidity and Balance and Forward Momentum

  1. Oooh! Great new way to see this, Joel – “the need to leave a flawless wake”!
    Because, Yeah – Really!
    It’s a micro-rule that, now that you’ve named it, I see quite alive and well and driving MY boat, a whole lot!

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