Rhymes with Gloom

Rumor has it Phoenix sees 360 days of sunshine a year. Anecdotal evidence suggests we could skip some of those during, say, June, but no, the few gloomy overcast days come in winter, no surprise.

Best Beloved and I both suffer from mild versions of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Grey days bog us down and make us cranky. Awareness is 51% of the battle, eh?

First time in months, we took a bike ride together this morning. Once around the block. It’s a small start, because we believe in the power of small wins. Persistent consistent effort, not grand gestures. She’s been sick, I’ve been sick, we’ve been pummeled no end the past 6 months, but it’s all working out, as it always does.

I’ve reached the point with this month’s songwriting that I’m filling gaps with experimental stuff, goofy lyrics, and songs I’ll never bother performing. Writing 28 songs in 28 days, I give myself a lot of slack. A lot.

4 thoughts on “Rhymes with Gloom

  1. Yeah, I always have a dose—sometimes multiple doses—of SAD in the winter. Lucky for me, the winter’s mostly been a sunny one so far. Of course, that means California will be on fire again soon, sigh.

    Hope you guys keep feeling better, and that the bike rides keep everybody’s wheels spinning forward. And thanks for those recent tweets on the book.

  2. I’m enjoying the book. Your characters are right nutters one and all.

    The desert doesn’t burn much, which is one of the pluses here.

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