Return of King L

[l1]A[/l1] few years ago a friend loaned me a CD I’ve been looking for ever since. Karen’s brother, Eric Pressley, played bass for “King L”, a group founded by the mysterious and talented Gary Clark. I remember very little about the album except that I really liked it. Two songs stuck in my head: a hard-driving rocker called, appropriately enough, “Tom Driver”, and a pseudo-country romp called “Hopin’ They’ll Be Open.”

I just discovered that the album, “King L's 'Great Day for Gravity'Great Day for Gravity“, never released in the US, is still available in the UK. It was ordered within minutes, of course. Surprisingly, the total cost, including shipping from the UK, is about $15US. I can guarantee I’ll be expanding my album-searching horizons, now that I’ve discovered such a reasonably priced British location.

Know of inexpensive places to buy non-US albums online? Drop me a note and I’ll start a list of resources for those hard-to-find albums like “Great Day For Gravity.”

When “Great Day for Gravity” arrives for review, I’ll include a teaser for Gary and Eric’s other group, “Transister” and its edgy late-60s sound.

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