Resistance vs Reality vs Reasonableness

is it about the work or is it about the wrench thrown into it?Homeless, wandering the desert, the intrepid writer of Chandleresque cozies inched toward the final chapter of his book.

There he’d been, plugging away, over 4,000 words a day, when the house he lived in was sold, with circumstances forcing his family to move out and plan for a month-long “workation” in only 5 days.

They did it, and drove south.

It was warmer than he likes in Phoenix.

He picked up a cold in Santa Barbara.

He’s generally been busy enough, disrupted enough, tired enough to stop writing for a while. Wouldn’t be entirely unreasonable, right?

One of the places Resistance shows up is at the end of a project. The last few bits, just before you light the fuse to launch it into the world’s line of sight. At this point, if you stall, you’ll never have to face rejection. “It’s not finished; how can I show it to anyone?”

A Long Hard Look is too short, not complicated enough, and not as strong as I’d like in many areas.

That bully Resistance would love me to focus on those flaws rather than reveling in the glorious realization that this is the best piece of fiction I’ve ever written.

When it’s finished.

Which it will be. Will be. Sooner than you might think.

2 thoughts on “Resistance vs Reality vs Reasonableness

  1. Joel, I have no doubt it will be finished, because you will will it to be so (with will and such). I do enjoy the homeless wanderer image, though I hope that doesn’t mean you have to eat locusts. (If so, try sauce.)

    Looking forward to seeing you and the book, in whichever order comes first. And thanks again for posting some of my “writers to watch” folks in your space.

  2. My goal is to put the finished piece in your hand when we arrive. That, and a nearly empty bottle of superior bourbon, from which we can delete the word “nearly”.

    Right now I’m eating turkey chili cooked up by our hosts before we arrived. They eat milder than I, but a packet of Panda Express chili sauce plus a couple tablespoons of Crystal achieved the right level of sweat. (I’m from the “must make eyes water” camp of chili cooking.)

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