Mommy, remember that one time, when we went to the circus?
Remember how I didn’t like their cotton candy but I’m pretty sure I still like cotton candy
Just not theirs
And remember how the fire eater wasn’t eating the fire that day, he was spitting it
And I laughed because spitting is funny
Okay, not really
(Yes, really)
And when he was done we all clapped and I went closer to see if maybe he did eat some fire but he was all done and when I turned around you and Daddy were lost
And I didn’t get scared.
Not much.
At first.
But you were lost for a long time and I started getting just a little bit scared. Not scared enough to cry. Just a little bit.
And then I found Daddy and you were with him and he picked me up and everything was okay
Except I sort of wanted to go home
And Daddy said sure, we can go home if you want, but if you think you might like to see the elephant in the big tent . . . and I thought if Daddy would hang onto me so he didn’t get lost again that would be okay.
And the elephant was fun.

Dude. Remember how lost you were on that hike?
I had to find a ranger to get us out of there.
You were so hungry we ate all the stew he had in his pot so he made more and I could hardly finish it.
He said, been lost long?
and you said three days
and I said liar it’s been a few hours, like right after sunrise
and he said sunrise was eight hours ago
and I said got any more of that stew?
He said he’d take us back to the campground in his jeep and we were there before it got dark and before he left he said here, take my card, this was sort of fun and if you ever want to see the best trails and not let your buddy get lost you guys give me a call and we’ll make a day of it.
I found the card this morning and wondered if you wanted to go hiking. With a professional guide I’ll bet even you can’t get lost.

Remember that time you felt all alone, and nothing was going the way you’d hoped, the way you’d expected?
Remember the panic, realizing you were so small?
And helpless?
Remember that time you felt lost, like you’d never find your way back, like the dark was coming and there was no hope of finding a light?
Remember how your Father picked you up and kept you safe?
Remember how He showed you where it was light and led the way there?
Do you forget, sometimes?
I know I do.
Help me remember.
And I’ll help you remember.
And someday, that’s all we’ll remember.
Remember that.