Reluctantly Crouched at the Starting Line

While Jake Calcutta is off getting a sanity check, my oldest work in progress is coming out of hiding.

I’ve written over 30,000 words of Jake Calcutta and the Temporal Lisle, including a 1,000-word summary of the latter 2/3 of the story. It’s all in the hands of my fact-and-sanity checker to confirm that the story makes sense as I’ve planned it. Once James has confirmed there are no plot holes big enough to chuck a cat through, I will finish it up and send it out upon the waters.

While I’m hands off that story, I did an experiment to see which of my possible ideas I should start work on. Led by emotional events of the past six months I chose the coming-of-age story I started January 1st, 2010 (for the mathematically challenged, that’s 7 years, 4 months, 1 week, and 2 days ago.)

The blurb, for now:

I’ve changed the main character’s name from Jacob to Dylan.

When Dylan’s father loses his business, the family moves from their house in town to live with his aunt and uncle in the country. Though he and his little sister love the move and his mother is happy to share a home with her sister again, Dylan worries about his father who struggles to come to term with his failure.

Through it all, the constant sound of music in Dylan’s head makes him curious about why his brain works the way it does, and why, sometimes, it doesn’t—especially when he has what he calls ‘a storm in his brain’, events that exhaust him physically and mentally.

While his loving parents realize he’s different from other children, neither they nor he realize why, until one of his brain-storms changes things for them all.

It’s early days for the story so I can’t commit to all the ideas in that blurb, but it’s a direction to aim, now that the boat’s away from the dock.

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