Rachel Flowers: Emerson, No Lake, Little Palmer

[l1]G[/l1]uitarist Jim Earp sent a link to this video of Rachel Flowers performing Emerson, Lake, & Palmer’s Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression on a Hammond C3 organ.

Ten minutes in my head exploded. (It’s 14 minutes long.)

[az]B00008EPMD[/az]I had forgotten what a marvelously beautiful piece of music this is. Even without Greg Lake’s voice, which is what first led me to it.

She even includes Carl Palmer’s drum break, the one place I missed Lake’s vocals most.

If you’re not a huge fan of ELP, you’ll probably not get much out of this. For me, it was wonderful to rediscover the admixture of classical, jazz, and rock that made ELP a staple in my brain as a teen.

2 thoughts on “Rachel Flowers: Emerson, No Lake, Little Palmer

  1. Oh, I was impressed from the first notes. It just took a while for the pressure to reach critical.

    I wanna listen to her solo version of some of their other stuff. On Hoedown, I missed the synths a bit.

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