New York State of Mind

[l1]O[/l1]ne year ago today, lives changed forever; some ended, some forever scarred, but at the same time, some began. Yes, there are children celebrating their first birthday today, because, in spite of the occasional madness in the world, life does indeed go on.

More than one of those who perished were men I consider brothers from a religious standpoint; not helpless victims, but voluntary victims — firefighters who, knowing they were risking their own lives, didn’t hestitate to enter the dual inferno to help others.

Music has a marvelous healing effect. There are some songs which I’ll always associate with the 11th of September. One tune which has seen a resurgence of appreciation is Billy Joel’s Billy Joel's 'Turnstiles'New York State of Mind.” The first time I heard it was 22 years ago; the last time I heard it was ten minutes ago as I was wending my way through the city streets to work here in beautiful southern California. Joel once commented that meeting Ray Charles was like meeting the Statue of Liberty. “New York State of Mind” always reminds me of the homage he pays to the great jazz artists, and the fact that he’s always done so without sacrificing his own style. It’s a wonderful song which carries just a little bit more meaning than it once did.

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