New Links Added

[l1]C[/l1]atching up on some old business—Our links list has a couple new entries, courtesy of Bobbi and Benjer.

Bobbi recommends the Jack Brothers—a huge proportion of their tunes are downloadable, so you can be pretty familiar with their work before you buy.

Benjer’s link to GEMM was really helpful right now. I discovered recently that my long-awaited copy of King L’s “Great Day for Gravity” wasn’t going to ship, and I found more than one copy at GEMM. As Benjer says, it’s “an exhaustive database for music lovers”—and a great resource for hard–to–find music.

From Bobbi:”My very favorite Jack Brothers cd is “Nivose” and it has two really great songs, “Jattebra” (I think it means “perfection” in Swedish) and “Min Lilla Ros” (words are something like “there was black there was dark there was nothing there was snow … then there was you, my little rose”-but sung to music that makes you want to ride a truck in circles under the desert stars in the middle of the night!) Then most of the songs on “Ventose” are good-they’re mostly in English and they’re the funniest take on the blues! I especially love “Hole In Your Pocket Blues.”There’s also a song on “Germinal” called “Under Finspangs Boar” that I love-I love it because as they’re singing it they switch back and forth between major and minor chords (vocally) which kind of tweaks your emotions-cyclical responses.

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