My Teenage Years with Tom Jones and Anne Murray

[l1]Y[/l1]ep, I was a teenager listening to Tom Jones and Anne Murray. What?! I laugh now thinking about it. So how did that happen?

If you read my last post you know my family didn’t listen to much music when I was a kid. When we did it was Burl Ives and Perry Como. So how did I get introduced to Tom Jones and Anne Murray? Why those two very different styles?

[az]B00004D3A5[/az][az]B000002TU5[/az]Our family had a good friend when I was a teenager who became almost like a second dad to me. Sometimes I would go help his mom who was not in great health. Mostly she was lonely and enjoyed having company and someone to talk to. Anyhow, once when we were cleaning up around the house they gave me these two cassette tapes (yes, way back in the day!)

I don’t remember which albums they were. I just remember enjoying She’s a Lady and Anne Murray’s love songs. I wonder whatever became of those two cassettes?

I just learned that Tom Jones is Welsh and Anne Murray was born in Nova Scotia. Maybe that’s why I liked both of them.

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