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Short Stories, Vignettes, and Poems with Wit Both Light and Dark from my blog, newsletter, and private collection, written over the past decade. Some are funny, some are darkly funny, some are just dark.

Audio Versions
Some of my wonderful friends created readings of a few of the poems. (Narrator’s name in parentheses.)

First, something silly: the first poem I ever wrote, decades ago: On Plurality (Satin Russell)

And another one of the same vintage: On Not Catching a Cold (Satin Russell)

A more recent pair: blow, wind! (Satin Russell)
asleep fall (Satin Russell)

The rest are song lyrics, the real purpose of this exercise: I wanted to know if they worked as poetry, not just songs.

Palm of Your Hand (Carrie Aulenbacher)
Old Men (Carrie Aulenbacher)

Good Ol’ Manly Cry (Bill Gemmell)

I Won’t Ask for More (Myriam Plante)

3000 Miles (Lia London)
Powerless Librarian Blues (Lia London)
I Won’t Ask for More (Lia London)
The Irishman and the Tiger (Lia London)
A Light Between the Branches (Lia London)

Old Man Trilogy: The Ballad of Ed Tom Bell – Into Town – Old Men (Satin Russell)
Not Just Believe (Satin Russell)
beautiful carelessly sultry (Satin Russell)
But Not Faded (Satin Russell)
Hot in the Kitchen (Satin Russell)
Powerless Librarian Blues (Satin Russell)
Jack Dog and the Blue Rabbit (Satin Russell)