Terpsichore Antipodes

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Waste of your money. I don’t recommend it. Buy something you’ll understand. Perhaps even like. Not worth the price of admission to see someone wading naked into their stream of consciousness. Don’t say I didn’t warm the cockles of your heart me hearties. Breakfast of trampolines. Here’s how it begins: The sun shone. Morning. He awoke for the first time, knowing it. The dream was over but not the dreaming. Smells and sounds, but not in a dream. The sun shone in his dream. There was a time upon him once and for all, shiny and golden. Liquid amber arrogance but justifiable. Leaden sluggish, antimony laze. Across the horizon floating benevolent a circle of yellow through eyelids and sky lids. Rounding the horn a horn blowing roundly soundly the sound of pipes and drums of eardrums pummeled. Flailing failing frothing legs furiously pulling pushing coverlet duvet diving. Foot free feeling fairly flushed. A second later a second settling. Upright but not upright. Not devoid of deviousness the dream denied obfuscation ostentation illumination organization. Shake clear rub tousle toss and smear and clear and stretch. Enticing feather filled. Time was upon him at once. Stumble tangle kick. Stumble flick click golden glow to cold wet. Too much too soon too loud too much. One two. Two drawers of drawers a box of something and trowels in the dirt tying one on. Not news but like it not liking it. Goodbye Austrian stockings. Tying two on. Banister as in sliding preposterous mind yourself get a grip banish banisters and barristers perishing barristers. Riser tread tread riser calculated fall and run. Thirteen of each. Wall strolling feline feral and fierce yellow eyed. Kindred spirit indeed. Yellow shirt at least not yellow streak. Streaky yellow platter fat unfit with points and fat and something overhead plopping whopping points points yolks on you. Too soft. Bitter better bite. Abandoning hope all hope whoever enters at half ten to soak scrub arrange the melange making moribundity more abundant. Not housebound et ux no such luck. Pants package picked up and dog teeth tussled keyed up keyed out keen to be seen oh ho not at all. Snick slip click one two one two one two must be done must be done slip jingle sigh and riser tread riser tread concrete abutment. Scurry through curry hurry past furry fury umbrella. Umbrella. One never knows does one of course One knows not this one. Furry fury curry scurry slipping snicking only one brolly prolly a probable umbrella doubles as parasol. Snick slip click one two one two one two must be done must be done slip jingle sign and riser tread riser tread but the concrete then curry then fury then apace anon anonymous. Concrete. Instead of benevolent gold instead of puff and blue instead shining rectangle upon shining up and over up and over and concrete. Take out the trees to put in the trees and fence the trees to keep the trees safe but the bugs right the bugs and anyway there is more to life than trees though trees bring more to life. Mewing on concrete mewling behind shiny rectangle a smile a smile not at all fool not a smile more mewling. Glare behind glare once more the time was upon him time upon time time to climb upon. The smell oh that smell always the smell are the windows locked or do they not smell the smell. Rigidly riding not rapid. Vapid with vapors if the vapors would vanish or varnish instead in his head the smell the smell shriek thump ha and the smell do the windows not open. Eight hundred seventeen the crush the rush the push the smell behemoth kneels and concrete. Pummeling noise buffeting boys and whirls into the golden rectangle. Closer and slower yielding resistance purposelessness pursuing pathetic purposes. Yet once more unto the security carousel careful yourself carousel of joy to the whirligig whirl and giggle they will never let you in there is a thought. Suspicious and unsmiling resenting the gig wearing a big rig do ya dig ain’t no pig don’t give a fig that ain’t no wig zag