Into the Fog

Into the Fog

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After 3 years this sequel to Through the Fog is finally available.

How do you choose which innocent person gets hurt? In this sequel to Through the Fog, the two living O’Quinn brothers are back, luring Web Martin into another Irish adventure.

An ancient map showing the earliest voyage of an Irish hero can’t fall into the wrong hands — especially since it’s a forgery. Niall and Fearghal make it sound so simple. Web doesn’t believe a word of it, but with an Irish police officer for a girlfriend and a security specialist as his best friend, Web has no doubt they can sort out what the O’Quinns are really up to without getting in over their heads.

You’d think he’d know better by now.

ISBN: 978-1434867360


Page 1

I looked up at the two pairs of shoes, and I wondered.

I’d heard their voices as they rounded the corner from the side yard. Not voices I’d expected to hear again; not soon, not ever. Not in my own front yard.

The basement brightened as the two large objects blocking the sunlight separated; apparently they were each trying to peer through one window of the library right over my head.

“Nought but books.”

“Computer’s on; he must be here.”

“Nah; folks do that, eedjit. Saves energy, or parts, or files, or something.”

“He’s here.”

“Fine, fine, fine. Let’s ring the bell and see if he answers.”

“Sure; he’ll open the door and say, ‘Niall, Fearghal, step inside and have a whiskey.’ I didn’t say he’s a fool; just that he’s here. I heard him.”

He was right on one count. I was there. Considering the tale I’m about to tell, Niall O’Quinn was dead wrong about the ‘fool’ part.

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